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Bluebird Botanicals Review: the truth about the company’s products 

The market for cannabis-derived products is currently on the rise. Lots of new brands and goods hit the shelves of the local retailers, as well as increase their online presence with the most modern and convenient e-commerce solutions. However, not all of them are ready to meet the requirements of the customers and comply with the latest state regulations. How can you find out whether the product you pick up will provide you real health benefits? The best option to discover the sooth about a certain product or company is to read the reviews of the clients who have already tried it. In this post, we will share the true facts about Bluebird Botanicals with you and will help you to clarify whether its products are worth purchasing. 

Quick facts about Bluebird Botanicals 

Before purchasing any company’s products one should get more data about the brand. How long has it been present on the market? Are there any lab tests that prove its quality? Fortunately, the answers to both questions from Bluebird Botanicals is positive. It has been operating on the market of the United States for almost a decade and it has the lab certificates on each of its products. However, let’s dive into more details about the brand. 

Bluebird Botanicals was created in early 2012 when the cannabis industry was starting its boom. The company was founded in Colorado, one of the first states that voted to allow both the medical and recreational use of this fantastic plant. On the rise of its business, Bluebird Botanicals produced a simple CBD-hemp line of products to understand the needs and preferences of most customers. The company succeeded and continued to expand its product line with new goods. Currently, it is a reputable brand with premium quality goods and a vast online presence. Furthermore, the business continues to grow and attracts the attention of new CBD enthusiasts in all the legalized states throughout the U.S. 

The company’s mission is quite noble – it has a global goal to make the CBD products available to everyone, as well as increase the awareness of masses about the positive impact of cannabis. The brand has won lots of prestigious awards in the area and is currently one of the most influential players in the world of CBD products. 

What else should a common user know about the brand? The most necessary thing about Bluebird Botanicals everyone should be aware of is that it is focused on manufacturing only quality goods. All the products offered by the world-famous company meet the requirements of the state health organizations and authorities. Unlike many analogs, CBD goods that fall into the hands of the clients have outstanding quality. The brand allows third-party labs to check the class of the goods and is proud to have various quality certificates for any type of product. You can easily check the company’s site to discover more data about the results of the lab tests. All of them are constantly available online. Therefore, you will never need to worry about the company’s quality of products.

Bluebird Botanicals top features

After you convinced that the company offers only superior quality, it’s time to search for more facts about its brand features. So, what else should you look for Bluebird Botanicals? 

  • Rich product assortment that will surely meet the expectations of even the most experienced and demanding consumers. 
  • Legal goods. The company meets all the regulations in the area and is not included in the list of shady CBD businesses. It is is just a big and reliable manufacturer. 
  • All goods are derived from hemp. In other words, the customers don’t need to obtain a medical marijuana card to purchase the brand’s goods. 
  • Advanced discount system. The pricing policy of the popular brand is very flexible, making the prices affordable for vulnerable groups of customers (such and veterans and low-income clients) 
  • Superb support. In case you have any questions about the brand’s products or would like to know more about the delivery, discounts, or any other information, you can contact the company’s representatives anytime. 

The company has an exceptional culture and methods of farming the herbs used for producing its goods. There is no imported hemp used for manufacturing – the only source of the plants used by the service is the local farming. In other words, all hemp is grown by American and Canadian farmers only. Moreover, it is completely organic with no pesticides used when growing. Cultivating the plants is a transparent and healthy process with no harmful substances used.

It is also worth mentioning that the techniques used to grow the hemp are developed to boost the content of cannabinoids and terpenes. This means the farmers get hemp richer in compounds useful for human health. The oil derived from these plants can provide you with better results compared to analogs from other famous brands. 

When it comes to discussing an assortment of the company’s goods, there is much to talk about. The number of goods is amazing, so all the customers will pick up something unique for their needs. Most oils are full-spectrum ones. According to the reviews of the experienced customers, these oils are the best alternatives. However, there are also dozens of isolated goods for the admirers of this type of product. It has no odor or taste and can be added to your favorite drinks and courses in a convenient way. You can also consume it solely to make sure you’ve taken an exact dosage of the substance. 

The greatest advantages of Bluebird Botanicals

  1. Different potencies

The first advantage of choosing the brand is that it has products with different potencies. This means picking up the right dosage becomes significantly easier with a wide assortment. You can easily try classical hemp capsules or concentrated oils that are six times more potent.  By the way, the oils are still the easiest product to measure. You can vary the number of drops to consume with absolutely no efforts. However, avoid increasing the dosage too intensively – your body should get used to the current dosing. Thus, don’t expect immediate results. 

  1. Healthy and organic

The company’s key to success is producing fresh and organic goods only. This means the plants used for oils are grown with no harmful artificial supplements. No pesticides or herbicides allowed in the cultivating process. 

  1. Reasonable pricing

The main purpose of the brand is to bring its products to each family. For these purposes, Bluebird Botanicals doesn’t offer extremely expensive goods. Moreover, there are lots of holiday and seasonal discounts, promo codes, and other promotions held on a regular basis. Veterans and people with low incomes can also get a discount for purchasing a number of products. 

  1. Only legal services 

In case you are looking for 100% legal and reliable service for purchasing CBD products, that’s it. The business has all the documents and certificates required for performing all types of operations, including cultivating, manufacturing, and selling goods that are made from hemp. 

  1. The product certificates are all issued by the third-party labs

There are few producers in the field that allow third-party laboratories to check their products. It’s good to know that Bluebird Botanicals is one of these companies. Having a superior quality of the products, the company has nothing to worry about – all its goods always successfully pass the tests. 

  1. Goods for four-legged friends

Not only humans can get health benefits from consuming CBD. Pets can do that, too. You can find several companion products that contain CBD oil designed right for your fluffy one. These are less potent options that are completely safe for all animals. Feel free to treat your cat or dog with a healthy substance. By the way, it is better to consult a veterinarian to choose the most fitting dosage for your pet according to its age, weight, health conditions, and other parameters. 

Disadvantages of Bluebird Botanicals 

Even the most famous and reputable CBD producers have certain drawbacks. Below we’ve determined a list of cons you are likely to face when choosing Bluebird Botanicals. There are still some features that should be improved by the company to get more clients. 

  • Lack of some kinds of products. Although the brand’s assortment is very big, there are still some options missing. For example, the company doesn’t produce any sweetened goods, such as gummies and sugary edibles. 
  • No THC goods are available. The company is focused on CBD-related items only. Therefore, you will not be able to get Bluebird Botanicals’ products that can get you high. If you are living in a legalized state and want to try some THC-infused alternatives, you will need to look for another producer. 

Top-rated products of Bluebird Botanicals

CBD oil 

Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil

The company has two major types of oil. These are classical and concentrated oil. Which one is better to choose from? The final choice depends on your needs. The classical option is one of the most demanding alternatives since it helps with a wide range of conditions. The customers are welcomed to pick up an oil with different flavors to maximize their CBD user experience. In case you don’t want to get something out of the box, the classical oil alternative is your number one hit. 

Those searching for something special usually stick to concentrated one. This type of oil has a special compound that boosts its effects for several times. This is black seed oil that has recently revolutionized the CBD industry. The bottles with different tastes can be purchased separately or you can make yourself a present and purchase an all-in-one package to taste all the alternatives. Don’t forget to take the substance wisely and always follow your special dosage.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Vape Oil

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Vape Oil

Many people still avoid vaping since they simply don’t know how to do that. However, it is a simple and pleasant process even a newbie consumer can effortlessly cope with. Therefore, leave all your worries behind when purchasing the vaping oil. The bottles with oil created by Bluebird Botanicals have different sized and contain different amounts of the substance. If you are new to vaping, it might be a better option to buy a smaller one. The other CBD consuming professionals can stick to larger bottles and save a couple of dollars for something else (the big bottles are considered to be economy packs) To add, vaping substances have different flavors, so you can try various alternatives before picking up your favorite one. Remember that vaping should always be pleasant and easy! 

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Capsules

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Capsules

Capsules continue to be the second popular option among CBD enthusiasts. People who don’t like any particular odors or tastes usually chose capsules because it is the simplest way to avoid touching the substance with the tongue. Moreover, you don’t need to have your head-dizzying because of picking up the dosage. You just need to ingest one capsule and forget about CBD till tomorrow. This is a superior option for busy people who can take CBD capsules like old-school vitamins in the morning. 

There are also lots of conditions that lead to vomiting. This way, the patients avoid tasting any intensive substances. Capsules are life-saving alternatives here, too. By the way, you can consume the capsule anytime and everywhere – no one will know what kind of product you are consuming. Note: don’t forget to take the bottle with capsules with you to have an opportunity to take the capsule when you need it. By the way, the capsules contain only natural ingredients. As a rule, this is Gelatin and water. 

Bluebird Botanicals sales and promo codes 

There are tons of various discounts available for purchasing the brand’s goods online. You can also become one of the lucky beggars who can save up to 30% using different coupons. We also have excellent news for those who want to make a purchase from the online store for the first time. Just enter a special promo code CBDOIL10 to get a welcoming 10% off for your first order. 

Price list: which item to choose? 

The prices for different items in the Bluebird Botanicals list are very different. There are both budget-friendly and premium goods that are sold out for a wide range of costs. Remember that you can save your money when using promo codes and promotions for different goods. Don’t forget to subscribe to the company’s newsletter to be the first one to receive the data about sales and discounts offered by the brand. 

  • Hemp CBD capsules – from $25
  • Classic Hemp CBD oil – from $25 per bottle
  • THC-free CBD oil – from $30
  • Vape oil – from $20 
  • CBD cream – from $40 
  • CBD Isolate – from $25 per one gram
  • CBD oil for furry friends- from $25
  • CBD capsules for animals – from $40

Bluebird Botanicals goods: our experience

The effects provided by the popular oils and capsules are really excellent. You can also improve your stamina and overall well-being, as well as get some relief from your symptoms when consuming Bluebird Botanicals goods. By the way, your mood is likely to become better, too. We believe that the products deserve your attention for 100%. However, let’s get a more detailed look at some of the most demanding alternatives offered by the company.

Hemp CBD oils are just fantastic. We’ve tried oils of different producers but Bluebird Botanicals leaves most of its analogs far behind. However, don’t be among the customers confused by the color and taste of the substance. The matter is that it has a bitter taste and darker color because it is amazingly rich in flavinoids. If you purchase a THC-free oil, you will immediately discover that it has a classical light color and a mild smell. 

In case you are not among CBD oil admirers but still want to take advantage and improve your health condition with the help of the substance, capsules might become a brilliant choice. We’ve tried the capsules produced by Bluebird Botanicals and are feeling completely satisfied with them. According to the instruction, the capsules are tasteless and have no aroma. This appeared to be true – we didn’t notice any oily taste or annoying odors. 

When it comes to picking up the vaping options, these are simply out of this world. Even in case you’ve never tried this way of consuming the substance, you will surely enjoy it. The CBD vape oil is light and very pleasant that makes it suitable for total vaping newbies. 

Still hesitate whether CBD isolate of this is worth trying? Sure! To put it short, it meets all the requirements of most consumers and has perfect quality. 

As for the companion options, we didn’t try them. Fortunately, our fluffy friends agreed to try the products. We are glad to report that the dog ate the dish with a CBD oil supplement with pleasure.


To put a final word, it is necessary to mention that all Bluebird Botanicals goods are topping solutions on the market. The company has a balanced product range with all the most popular types of products available. You can play with different methods of consumption and the doses to pick up your perfect way to consume CBD. As for health benefits, most consumers are likely to get them if taking the substance on a regular basis.

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